5th Night of the Tenth Annual Screening Series, 2015 Season

This event is by RESERVATION ONLY. Please reserve your seat by clicking here HERE  call 831-667-2574. Films are shown on a big screen hung from a redwood tree. Doors at 8 pm; movies start when it gets dark. Come early and enjoy the world's best pop corn. Event is by donation. Thank you for your support! Questions? Call us! 831-667-2574.

Films This Week

Coffee To Go

By: Patricia Font , France

Busy discussing the details of her wedding on the phone, Alicia walks into the first cafe she sees and orders a coffee to go. As fate would have it, she unexpectedly bumps into Javi there.

Still Born

By: Åsa Sandzén , Sweden

Still Born is an animated documentary about loss, sorrow and powerlessness. About giving birth, but loosing that little person you longed for.