Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year
Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
The Tunnel 2017 Øvredal André Norway Finalist
Death In Bloom 2017 Oates Dael Australia Selected
La Femme et le TGV 2017 von Gunten Timo Switzerland Winner
Tashi and the Monk 2017 Burke, Hinton Johnny, Andrew India Selected
You’ve Made Your Bed, Now Lie in It 2017 Zwart Alexander Selected
Solitude 2017 Raso Michael Australia Selected
Home 2017 Raca More Serbia Selected
Pushing Night Away (Det lyse mørket) 2017 Hærem Aksnes Jade Norway 2nd Place
Imago 2017 Gutierrez Raymund Ribay Philippines Selected
Triangles 2017 Shiyan Gala Russia Selected
Mr Death 2017 Riiser Andreas Norway Selected
Rhapsody 2017 Meyer Constance France Selected
Generation Mars 2017 Kereklidis Turpin Alexander Armas Selected
LIMBO 2017 Kotzamani Konstantina Greece / France Selected
VOCE 2017 Uloth David Quebec/Canada Selected
Eleganssi 2017 Suutari Virpi Finland Selected
Battalion To My Beat 2017 Imanishi Eimi Algeria / Western Sahara Selected
Circles 2017 Kempff Frida Sweden Selected
The Cradle 2017 Sukhonin Arthur Russia Selected
LE MAL DU CITRON 2017 Rosenstein, Schiltknecht Jeremy, Kaspat France | Switzerland Selected
Slør - Niquab ni Soumise 2017 Schioler Charlotte Denmark?France Selected
Fluffy 2017 Filipovski Lee Serbia Selected
Boris In The Forest 2017 Hackett Robert Selected
Frankie Keeps Talking 2017 Attanasio Annabelle USA Selected
North and Nowhere 2017 Ballard Scott USA Selected