We’re proud of all the films screened at the Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series. Please use the table below to browse titles, achievement, country, etc. from every season.


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Title FilmmakerCountryYearAchievement
AfterVille Fabio & Fabio Guaglione & Resinaro Italy 2009 Selected
Desert Wedding Alexandra Fisher USA 2009 Selected
El Palacio de la Luna Ione Hernandez Spain 2009 Selected
Sand/Sable Joost Van Ginkel Netherlands 2009 Selected
Esther, Baby & Me Louis Taylor Canada 2009 Selected
We Who Stayed Behind (Vi Der Blev Tilbage) Martin de Thurah Denmark 2009 Selected
The Pistachio Effect Nick & Gus Ball & Johnston Australia 2009 Selected
501 Jesper Maintz Denmark 2009 Selected
Les Doigts De Pied Laurent Denis Belgium 2009 Selected
Free Lunch Rick Curnutt USA 2009 Selected
A Real Doozy John Burish USA 2009 Selected
Chainsaw Dennis Tupicoff Australia 2009 Finalist
Gilles' Lily (La Lili à Gilles) David Uloth Canada 2009 Selected
Crybaby (Pusling) Christina Rosendahl Denmark 2009 Selected
A Mate (Kaveri) Teemu Nikki Finland 2009 Selected
Appassionata Mirko Echghi-Ghamsari Germany 2009 Selected
Peacemaker Alex Pastor Spain 2009 Selected
Haber Daniel Ragussis USA 2009 Selected
Los Zapatos de Muddy Mae (Muddy Mae’s Shoes) Miguel Campana Spain 2008 Selected
Boletos Por Favor (Tickets Please) Lucas Figueroa Spain 2008 Selected
Apple Jonas Rudstrom Sweden 2008 Selected
I Fucking Hate You Zak Forsman USA 2008 Selected
Duck Man Brian Hennigan UK 2008 Selected
The Pocket Thief Scott Mann UK 2008 Selected
Private Life Abbe Robinson UK 2008 Selected