We’re proud of all the films screened at the Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series. Please use the table below to browse titles, achievement, country, etc. from every season.


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Title FilmmakerCountryYearAchievement
Kirschkuchen Silke Engler Germany 2015 Selected
The Universe in Us Lisa Krane Germany 2015 Selected
Balazher Lesia Kordonets Ukraine 2015 Selected
Coffee To Go Patricia Font France 2015 Selected
Bamse Bård Ivar Engelsås 2015 Selected
Changing Hands Vidar Dahl & Jøran Waerdahl Norway 2015 Selected
Catch It Sarah Menzies USA/France/Norway 2015 Selected
The Shadow Forest / Las Cieni Andrzej Cichocki Poland 2015 Selected
Syndromeda Patrik Eklund Sweden 2015 Finalist
Catwalk Ninja Thyberg Sweden 2015 Selected
What A Pool Believes Ted Mills USA 2015 Selected
Razor Rajko Ristanovic Serbia 2015 Selected
A Doll's House Tobias Gundorff Bosen Denmark 2015 Finalist
A Present For Robert Partick Aubert Canada 2015 Selected
On Suffocation Jenifer Malmqvist Sweden 2015 Selected
Listen Ryoni Rungano & Hamy Ramezan Denmark/Finland 2015 Selected
Family Dinner Stefan Constaninescu Sweden 2015 Selected
Interruption Adam Suzin Poland 2015 Selected
Edith & Aljosja Ann Holmgren Norway | Sweden 2015 Selected
The Counsellor Venetia Taylor Australia 2015 Selected
The Phone Call Mat Kirby U.K. 2015 Audience Award
Lost in Stångby Therese Ahlbeck 2015 Finalist
Vanity Arturo Perez USA 2015 Selected
Little Children Big Words Lisa J Larsson Sweden 2015 Selected
Birthday Chris King USA 2015 Selected