Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Year Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
"Passengers" 2011 Walker J.T. USA Selected
.3 - 8 2008 Aubanel Sébastien France Selected
0507 2011 Blaine Ben & Chris UK Selected
23 Weeks & 6 Days 2014 Fine David Terry USA Selected
5 Recuerdos 2010 Alcaine & Marquez Oriana & Alejandra Spain Selected
501 2009 Maintz Jesper Denmark Selected
505g 2012 Azencott Jeremy France Selected
7:35 de la Manana 2006 Vigalondo Nacho Spain 2nd Place
90 Degrees North 2017 Graffam Detsky Germany Selected
A Bit Of Counseling 2011 Hiett Deb USA
A Boy, A Wall, And A Donkey 2010 Abu-Assad Hanu Palestine Selected
A Date With Fate 2012 Taylor Venetia Australia Selected
A Doll's House 2015 Bosen Tobias Gundorff Denmark Finalist
A Film About Bathing Men 2010 Bok Bengt Sweden Selected
A Fish Called Keith 2014 Dorrington Steve United Kingdom Selected
A Mate (Kaveri) 2009 Nikki Teemu Finland Selected
A Piece of Sound Advice 2010 Charmant Gilles France Selected
A Present For Robert 2015 Aubert Partick Canada Selected
A Real Doozy 2009 Burish John USA Selected
A Step Into The Void 2006 Sonderegger Christian France Selected
A Summer Night Rendez-Vous 2007 Miailhe Florence France Selected
A Trois 2012 Clement Vanessa France Selected
A Water Tale 2010 Jodice Francesco Italy Selected
A WOL 2006 McGrath Rae USA Selected
A Wonderful Day 2012 Weisbrod Ariel Israel Selected